Why Homeschool?

People homeschool for many reasons. Some of the reasons I have decided to journey down that road is one, I enjoy my kids, and don’t want to just see them for a few hours a day. And to spend those few hours watching them do homework. I made a decision to slow down a few years ago and it has effected my views on the typical experience of todays children. It feels like as a society we have pushed children into a schedule of hectic pace. Check out this article .

Two, I really want my children to enjoy learning. I didn’t really learn how to learn until college, I was always too busy trying to keep up with the work that was given to me to realize that I was supposed to be learning. I also feel like I get a second chance to learn with them.

Third, and probably the biggest reason, is I really don’t like what I see coming out of high schools. There are some children who do really well in the public school system and take advantage of the opportunities there. But it seems like a majority suffer from peer and academic labeling which slows them down in discovering who there are and what they are really good at. Schools just don’t have the time and staff to truly help a student work through these issues. I remember that the only help I had in choosing a path for my life was a standardized test I took my sophomore year. Which the results suggested I would like a certain occupation (one I can’t even remember). The only thing it taught me was what I didn’t want to do. How many adults are actually working in the same field that they were trained in? There are now estimates that the average person will change occupations 6 times.

I want my kids to spend their teenage years really honing in on what they are good at and what they would like to do. I envision them spending these years actually doing these things hands on. Whether it be an apprenticeship, volunteering, taking college courses, and/or traveling.