Educational Christmas Toys

As I mentioned before I am just getting into the whole world of home schooling, and one of the most fun things I have come across is the wide array of educational toys.

Here are some of my favorite pics – you probably still have time before Christmas too!

1. ATM Bank -self-explanatory

2. Discovery electronic gadget lab -you build lots of electronic devices by snapping different pieces together

3. First Words magnetic poetry – create messages, work on sentences, anything else you can do with words

4. Gardening Tool tote – just a kids size to get them started playing in the garden
5. Quercetti Marble Runs – build innumerable tracks for marbles to go down

6. Magnetix – another builder – my son loves his!

7. Hows and Whys of Science – again self-explanatory – i think this comes with experiments the kids (of all ages) can do.

I tell ya it actually makes me want to go Christmas shopping (at least online) – shopping for kids is the best!