High School Notebooking

This is an easy way to keep track of what your high schooler is learning. Basically your high schools student will write their own textbooks.
You need to get the 3 ring binders with the plastic cover that you can slide pictures into. Have the student, for now, just write the name of what it is that will be contained in the notebnook…Let’s say, biology.
Now, every time he does something related to biology study he will make a picture, a diagram, a report, a photo collage, or whatever, and put it into the notebook. Everytime he reads a related book he will add it to the book list and put it in the notebook. Everytime he watches a documentary on biology he will write it on the media list and put it into the book. A visit to the doctor can end up being rather educational if you ask many questions..and that *interview* would go into the book.
Get in the habit, and get your kids in the habit, of taking alot of pictures to document what you are doing. It is surprising, or it was to me, how much itme we spent actually learning things-far more than the 6 hours I used think of as *school*.
There is some excellent information on notebooking if you google it…
Home Hearts is a fabulous site with lots of information.
Notebooking Pages is an awesome resource with information AND materials!
A + Homeschooling has alot of information as well as information for different types of notebooks.
SO there you are. Note-booking is and excellent way for a student, especially a high school student, to learn. It encompasses all of the learning styles, it’s creative, and it is fun!
And it is great to thrust those boxes of old notebooks on them when they get married and move out!

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