“The Way We Work” by David Macaulay

Are you familiar with this series?   David Macaulay is the author and illustrator of “The Way Things Work,” a popular text among kids and adults.  In the original book, Macaulay explains the inner workings of hydraulic dams, trains, engines, pulleys, and just about anything mechanical.

In his latest intellectual adventure, “The Way We Work,” he explores the amazing mechanics of the human body.  The illustrations are vivid, vibrant and filled with detailed cross-sections.  In addition to drawings human anatomy, Macaulay includes his unique style by incorporating his own quirky characters.  Microscopic little people ride on red blood cells, toss paper airplanes into the ear canal, and crwal through the lower intestines.

If that sounds a little weird, it is.  But that’s just what my kids love about these books!  The text is a bit more sophisticated than what my six-year-old normally sits through.  However, because she’s so mystified by the graphics, she wants to learn more about what’s going on.  She’s more than willing to listen to the text.  then, she asks questions, and I do my best to follow up with the correct response.

Science isn’t my forte, but thanks to “The Way We Work,” I feel like I can not only understand how the human body works, but can teach what I know to others.