Homeschool Perks

Whenever I tell people my reasons for homeschooling, I focus on very academic reasons:

  • Excellent Educational Opportunities
  • Statistically More Likely to Succeed in College
  • One-on-One Teaching
  • Develops Self-motivation Skills

However, I do have to admit there are a few perks to this homeschool gig that aren’t so academic… but they are still wonderful reasons to school at home.

1) Sleeping In!  Ah, yes… There’s no reason to get up at the crack of dawn and shuffle your zombie like children out to the bus stop.  Instead, our children wake up any time between 7am and 9am… whenever their body tells them to wake up.  (And that means Mom and Dad probably get more sleep than the rest of the parents on our block!)

2)  Safety Issues.  Maybe I’m a paranoid, over-protective Dad, but every time I hear a news report about school shooting, knife fights, drug deals, and good old-fashioned bullying, I’m thankful that my kids are in a safe environment in which they can focus on developing into happy, compassionate, and wise individuals.

3)  No Homework Overload.  Remeber all of that pointless busy work the teacher would assign?  Do you recall the countless pages of meaningless handouts that needed to be completed the following day — even though you already fully understood the concept and you were ready to move on to the next subject.  Well, with homeschooling the parent decides whether or not there should be deadlines and busy work… And for the most part, most homeschool kids happily work at their own pace rather than haphazzardly scrambling to finish busy work assignments by the next morning.

What does this add up to?  More quality time for the family! (The best perk of all!)