Homeschool / Teacher Discounts at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Other Bookstores

Ugh… It’s the Christmas season.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like putting up the Christmas lights.  I love listening to my kids play Jingle Bells on the piano and the guitar — not at the same time; those girls have two very different tempos.   I like the whole chestnuts roasting on an open fire, that whole gig.  But what I don’t like is wandering through the malls during this time of year.  (Even with the recession is still seems too busy to me!)

So, if I have my druthers, while my wife and kids are off trying on clothes or on some equally boring shopping expedition, I prefer to make my own personal detour into the local bookstore.  I could spend all afternoon in a Barnes and Noble.  (And before I had kids, I sometimes did!)

So, what does this have to do with homeschooling?  Well, not everyone knows this, but stores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders offer impressive discount to educators.With my Barnes and Noble Educator’s Card, I save 20% on all my purchases — and when you buy something from their clearance area, that’s when you can save some serious cash!

Now this may vary depending on the particular state and particular store, but in Southern California, the book stores welcome homeschool families, and they consider homeschool parents educators.  To find out more, ask to speak to a manager and bring whatever contact information might be usefuyl (charter school info, private school status, etc.).

Of course, most of the books we read come from a remarkably inexpensive location.  The library.  However, I do like stopping by the local bookstores.  I’ve gotten the girls some terrific workbooks, journals, and “arts and crafts” kits — things they can get their hands on and destroy!  (Something the library doesn’t always appreciate!)