Setting Weekly / Monthly Goals

Because my wife and I meet with an Education Specialist each month (with work with a charter school), it is important for us to keep tabs of all the school work we do.  Lots of homeschoolers don’t need to worry about this, and therefore, they don’t bother.  I bet there are a lot of Unschoolers reading this write now saying, “School work?  What school work?”

However, many homeschoolers teachers (like myself) do give routine assignments.  Some parents follow a strict schedule.  We know a Mom who gets her kids up at 8 am and they work in the garage (which has been transformed into a classroom) until 12 noon.  After lunch, they study for another hour and then they are done.  When the next day rolls around, the cycle contnues.  My wife and I are much more informal.

We have a bare minimum that we expect our girls to achieve (and we hope to inspire them to pursue many other accomplishments):

Math — 5 worksheets per week.  (Usually one sheet a day.)

Writing / Spelling: Three sessions per week.

Science: Two projects / lessons per week.

Reading: Everyday (Including Weekends)

History: Two projects / lessons per week.

Physical Education: Everyday — We make sure our girls are taking physically actively classes, or that they are part of a sports league.  (Fortunately, they love soccer and track!)

Art: We do this so often that we don’t have a set goal.  It’s probably the girls’ most natural and frequent activity.

Of course, every family has their own style.  The beauty of Homeschooling is that you — the parent — can shape the learning experience to fit the child.  (Unlike public school, in which the child must fit the learning experience.)