Work-Related Field Trips

Several of my friends make their living on the go.  They travel everywhere.  Some are salespeople, flying back and forth to each district.  Others are computer specialists who travel to the East Coast one week and to Europe the next.  In most of these cases, the Dad is the breadwinner, and he wins enough bread so that the Mom can stay home and send the kids off to public school.  For the most part, these families are pretty happy.

The drawback?  The Dad (or Mom as the case may be) is on the road so often he doesn’t get to spend much time with the kids.  Usually, they jam the weekends full of “quality time” to make up for the week-long absence.

Homeschool families with “Traveling Parents” might not face this dilemma.  Depending on the travel destination, the homeschoolers can pack up their books and follow Dad to New York, London, or Nebraska.  The great thing about learning is that it can happen anywhere.  since homeschool students aren’t tied down by the constraints of public school schedules, working parents should take advantage of this freedom and bring the kids along whenever it’s possible and beneficial for the family.

Fortunately, my job doesn’t require much travel.  However, last weekend I did have a work-related excursion to Monterey, California.  Together, we drove up on a Thursday.  From Friday to Sunday I was sequestered in a hotel, attending workshops and critique groups.  During all that time, my wife and daughters explored the wonders of the Monterey Aquarium.  They retraced the literary footprints of Steinbeck’s Cannery row.  And they created some amazing arts and crafts at the local children’s museum.

Each night, when I returned to the hotel room, my family would tell me about all of their adventures.  And I was so thankful to spend the rest of the evening with my favorite people.  Parents can’t always take their kids on work-related field trips.  But when you can — do it!

By the way, my daughters are now jellyfish experts.  Thanks, Monterey Aquarium!