Rainy Day Activities

I wish I could be writing about Snowy Day activities… But since I live in southern California, we just get the occasional rainstorm and a few gusts of cold wind.  None of the white stuff.  Still, when it’s a rainy day in California, it feels like a Snow Day!

Right now, the kids are having a “play date” with their best friends (and fellow homeschool students).  So, there are four rascals scurrying through the house playing hide-and-seek as we speak.  I love how some games just never go out-of-style.

But after the play date, when it’s just the family — what should we do?

I love to read during rainy days.  So, we’ll spend at least an hour together reading on our big, comfy couch.  My younger daughter is hooked on this terrific graphic novel series called Amelia Rules!

My ten-year-old daughter has been reading the hilarious Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  

Me?  Well, I wish I could say that I’ve been reading something very sophisticated, but basically I’ve been reading over their shoulders.  I still get a lot of satisfaction from children’s literature.

After reading, the girls will practice their instruments, and then we’ll do some language arts projects. There are a lot of Language Arts printables available at www.homeschooling.about.com I try to print up a couple projects each week.

The girls will also want to play their favorite computer game: Venture:Africa.  It’s a fun, educational game that teaches about African Wildlife as players attempt to create and maintain a wild animal preserve.

Next, I’m going to have the girls help me with my writing.  I’ve been working on a kid-friendly book about Abraham Lincoln.  I’ve been studying his early years, and I’d like to have the girls decide which of Lincoln’s childhood events made the biggest impact on him.  (See, how I’m working on my own project while involving my kids with history?  Hint, hint.)

Of course, all of these things could be done during any day.  but for some reason, if the sun was shining, the kids would be antsy.  They would be anxious to frolic outside.  Or they would whine about watching a DVD.  But for some reason, when it gets cold and rainy outside, they hunker down into the coziness of our home, and truly enjoy spending an afternoon in quiet harmony.

Of my goodness, I can’t believe it.  Since I’ve been typing this, the playdate has ended.  And now my girls are cleaning their room without yelling at each other.  Wow.  Maybe I should move back to Washington state and take advantage of those long rainy seasons!