Snow Day!

How strange… Just a few days ago I was blogging about rainy day activities.  I was lamenting the fact that — since my family and I live in Southern California — we don’t get to experience days of being snowed in.

Well, a couple days after that post, we drove up to Washington state.  And as luck would have it, we ended up driving through a few snow storms.  Now, we’re hanging out with our relatives, and watching the snowflakes flying sideways, filling the backyard up with all that winter wonderfulness.  (Although when you’re in slip-sliding traffic, it doesn’t really feel like a winter wonderland!)

Anyway, in contrast to my Rainy Day blog in which I discussed how tranquility falls upon the household and the kids focus on reading and other calming educational activities, the vibe during the last two days has been quite different.  Instead of feeling tranquil, the girls have been charged with energy.  (Think lightning in the bottle.)

So, all day yesterday, we just played.  And we had a blast.  Today, the girls went inside and outside all morning and afternoon.  While they were inside, recovering from snowball-fighting exhaustion, I gave them hot cider and a few spelling lessons.  Lately, they haven’t been thrilled about working on spelling.  They want to compete in the spelling bee, but they aren’t very motivated to really train for it.  However, after they exerted themselves outside for thirty minutes in the snowy playground, they seemed more than happy to sit quietly for a few moments and work on various worksheets or spelling lists.

Now, perhaps your’re thinking, “Hey Homeschool Dad, it’s almost Christmas.  Why don’t you put down the books away and let the kids enjoy the holiday season?”  Well, that’s a valid question.  But because we have such a low-key schedule and a relatively easy workload for our kids, I like to throw in educational moments whenever I can — even if its during Christmas break.  Even if all the public schools are closed due to a snow day.  After all, what’s wrong with improving your mind between snowball fights?