Getting a Jump on College

If you’ve been reading this blog during the past couple of months, then you know that I mostly focus on the younger years of homeschooling — specifically from 1st through 6th grade, since that’s the range my daughters are currently involved in.

However, as a college professor, I have the opportunity to work with homeschool students.  Young men and women, from 15 and up, can register at College of the Canyons and take electives or general education courses. 

As kids grow older, many homeschool parents feel that they are no longer about to create a stimulating educational environment.  In some cases, the students might urge their parents to allow them to attend public high school.  However, depending on the quality of the school, this might not be a viable option.  Instead of resorting to the educational “conveyor belt” of secondary school, many homeschool teens are choosing to attend community college, either on campus or on the internet.

Personally, my interactions with homeschool students in my classroom have been very positive.  And, based upon feedback I have receieved from the homeschoolers, college has been an invigorating and enjoyable challenge, one that prepares them for the real world much more so than the boredom most experience in high school.

Policies regarding homeschool students vary.  However, it seems that with each passing year, college campuses are warming up to homeschool students and their infectious love of learning.  If you would like your teen to get a jump on college, visit your local community college online or contact a counselor by phone.