Predicting the Future

Happy 2009 everyone!

It really blows my mind that we’ve made it to this year.  It sounds like such a science fiction sort of year, don’t you think?  According to the movies, by now we should have mastered solar-system colonies and scheduled flights to the moon via Pan-Am.

This week, I’ve been telling my kids about the expectations I had when I was eight years old.  I thought for sure that by the late 1990s we would all have flying cars and teleportation machines.  On the other hand, I had no idea that there would be inventions such as the internet, the i-phone, or that I would be doing something called “blogging.”

It’s fun and educational to discuss the future with your children.  What do they think life will be like ten, twenty, thirty years from now?  Here’s a fun activity: get the family together at the kitchen table, get out drawing paper, colored pencils, crayons, markers (or whatever your kids like to use for art projects) and illustrate a timeline of the future.

Ask them to draw the inventions and events they think will come to pass within the next three to five decades.  Who knows, they might dream up the “next big thing!”