Digging Holes

You might assume that the title of this blog entry is metaphoric.  However, it’s not.  My kids have been digging holes lately.  There’s a spot in the backyard that is great for digging. 

Why have my kids been digging a grreat big hole between the rosebushes and our evergreen tree?  Well, first they were looking for buried treasure.  Then, they wanted grapefruit sized diamonds.  Then, they were happy just huinting for quartz (which they actually found!).

For a brief while, they contemplated digging to the center of the Earth.  But they soon became worried about hitting magma.  And just yesterday, they decided that the hole would be for a giant oak tree they want me to adopt.  They’ll probably be digging again tomorrow, sneaking a few shovelfuls of dirt between their math lesson and spelling practice.  What will their reason for digging holes be tomorrow.  I can’t wait to find out.