Tutor Or Not Tutor? That Is the Question!

As a homeschool parent, one must decide: “Will I teach my child every subject? Or will we seek outside help for certain topics?”

Now, my wife and I love to read. I teach literature and freshman composition classes. Yet, whenever I sit down with my daughter — she starts to feel this pressure to read and write on demand. She has struggled with language arts for years. Therefore, my wife and I chose to find a tutor that would supplement her at-home instruction.

We homeschool, in part, because we know that every child learns at a different pace. Every child possess individual strengths and weaknesses. We are confident that our daughter will blossom, slowly but surely, and that here reading skills will increase. And we’re glad that we have found a tutoring center that provides a positive learning environment that nurtures her (instead of inadvertently stigmatizing her — the way some public school special needs programs might.)

But we didn’t rush into tutoring. First, we tried a variety of reading programs. Here’s some just to name a few:

  • 100 Reading Lessons
  • Hooked on Phonics
  • Ready, Set, Read!
  • Headsprout — An Online Reading Program

Each of these learning systems helped. But because of our daughter’s level of “visual processing,” it seems that a lot of the information just doesn’t stick. So, finally, we decided to give someone else a try.

Our tutoring center hasn’t offered any breakthrough technology. Nor have they performed any academic miracles. But progress has been made over the course of this year. She can now read at a “Third Grade Level” — and our hope is to get her up to Fifth Grade standards. Overall, tutoring has been very positive for our daughter. She embraces the chance to work with someone besides her Mom and Dad, and she also enjoys interacting with other kids too. So far, we’ve been quite pleased.

Do your children work with tutors? How has the experience been for you?