Bug Box City

We’ve got a collection of boxes, some big and some small, hanging out in our garage. And I’m glad that we do, because anytime my kids and I are feeling creative, we grab a box and make something.

Yesterday we made a bug box. My kids are obsessed with pill bugs (they call them “rolly-pollies”). So, we decided to create a temporary home for some of our backyard friends. We took a cardboard shoe box and spent the morning decorating it. Now, some kids would simply create a pseudo-natural environment with leaves and grass and dirt. Not my kids. They created a city landscape with streets and a background of skyscrapers. They even added a few stop signs. (Perhaps not the most friendly locale for our bug visitors; however, I released the pill bugs after a short stay in Bug Box City.)

After adding all of the artistic details, we collected our pill bug friends and then placed them inside our cardboard town. Then, the academic portion of the day began. We began writing down questions — scientific questions — anything related to our buggy subjects. Here are some of the inquiries my girls recorded:

  • How long do pill bugs live?
  • What do they eat?
  • Do they hibernate?
  • Do they lay eggs? If so, how many?
  • We observed the pill bugs for a while. And then, continuing our questions, we headed for the internet to satisfy our curiosity.

    It was a fun day. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll construct Snailsville.