Reading All Weekend

It’s been raining here in California. The cloudy skies are welcome weather. Although I’m sure in most parts of the country right now, people are sick of the wet and the cold. Our family, on the other hand, relishes these days. It gives us an excuse to stay indoors. It compels us to take down a a board game or dance around while listening to showtunes (My kids and I are currently hooked on “The Drowsy Chaperone”).

Best of all, these are the days where we like to curl up with a good book. And when I say curl, that means that either Mom or Dad is reading on the couch and the girls are curled up, on top of us, like overgrown house cats.

Yesterday, my wife read to us for about three hours straight. We listened to “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. It’s a creepy book I many ways. The story arc is that of your typical good kid goes into a scary world and faces her fears. (I’ve written a couple of those myself, so I rather like the genre.) As we paused after each chapter, my wife would ask the girls questions:

  • “Would you do that?”
  • “Do you think she did the right thing?”
  • “What did she learn from that experience?”

Most days, the girls are off reading their own books. My older girl is still hooked on “Calvin and Hobbes” and “The Far Side” My younger one is devouring the most recent “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book. It’s wonderful to have kids who enjoy books on their own. But it’s also wonderful to spend time as a family reading aloud and discussing literature.

What has your family been reading lately?