Computer Activity: Creating Educational Flash Animation

I am by no means a computer whiz. However, I do like to tinker around with a few software programs. Back in 1998 I learned how to create simple, interactive animations through a Macromedia program known as Flash (I think it’s called Flash MX now).

I’ve been showing my girls how to use it as well. I believe it’s important for my kids to be tech-savvy. Although they won’t be getting a cell phone or a Myspace for years to come (perhaps when they are 18? Hee-hee… I’m such a mean Dad!), I do hope that they will be brilliant at web-page design. (Or at least know how to have fun with the process.)

Here’s an example of something we’ve been working on: An interactive guide to Jane Austen. Enjoy!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="500" height="600" wmode="transparent" /]