Homeschool Hair

Enough blogging about academics — let’s talk about style for a moment.

Personally, I don’t have fashion sense — I don’t even care if my socks match (but my wife does so I obey her). Since I live in a house with nothing but women (one wife, two daughters, a female cat, dog, bird, and I have a feeling the goldfish is a girl too), I have accepted the fact that appearance matters. My youngest daughter loves to dress up — she has worn three different outfits today. My older girl is still in tom-boy mode, but even she has her own sense of style when it comes to clothing.

However, when it comes to hair — with all the combing and brushing and untangling — they would rather not bother. And since there aren’t a bunch of public school 6th graders who will taunt their wild hair, I often let nature handle their hair-dos.

The result is something I call “Homeschool Hair.” It’s the sort of hair that says, “Yes, I did sleep in the Amazon jungle last night, thank you for asking.”

Now, as you can imagine, my wife is not too keen on homeschool hair. She wants the girls to look presentable when we’re out in public — which is quite often considering how many field trips we take. I try to tell her to think about how much extra time they have to read and do math. The minutes it takes to tame those hair-dos absorbs valuable study time!

But my wife doesn’t agree. So, as most men do when they live in a house controlled by women, I give in. That’s when I tell the girls to fix their hair. (And assist them if they’ve got some nasty gnarls.)

But this morning, my wife went to yoga! She’s out of the hosue now, so Homeschool Hair reigns supreme!

For now at least…. ๐Ÿ™‚