“A History of US” – A Fresh Approach to American History

My girls and I have discovered a wonderful series of history textbooks. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t even call them textbooks, because that name connotes such a dour, dusty old image. These books, written by Joy Hakim, help readers visual history.

Here’s a sample from the first chapter (the author draws the reader back 40,000 years):

“When you get out of the [time] capsule you might shiver a bit; it is cold here in Siberia. But you have nice warm clothing. Because of that astoudning invention – the needle made of bone – people can wear clothes that fit their bodies. Do you see that man and woman over there, sitting near the fire? They are your mother and father.”

See how the narrative grabs the reader and puts him/her into the historical setting? It reminds me of the “Choose Your Own Adventure Books” I read when I was a kid.

So far, my kids are captivated by these chapters as the history of the United States slowly unfolds, starting with the ancient people who crossed the land mass from Siberia to North America, and reaching all the way up to the 21st century.

Perhaps best of all, Joy Hakim’s preface begins by asking: Why Should We Study History? That’s a great question, and she has some great answers. So, if you’re looking for a fun, fresh approach to American History, I highly recommend Hakim’s series: “A History of US.”