Brain Age Follow Up: Does Brain Age Get Boring?

A couple months ago I blogged about the educational value of “Brain Age” a clever little video game that features a wide range of “brain boosting” activities.

For the first two months, the kids (and my wife) were hooked on “Brain Age.” They were actually competiting with each other to see who could attain the youngest age brain. See, for some reason, the object of “Brain Age” is to lower your brain age down to 20… When I first played the game, my Brain Age was 63 — I thought, “Great — I’m a wise, senior citizen.” Then I found out that 63 is very bad.

Anyway, I just wanted to supply an update. The kids and their mom haven’t touched Brain Age in about a month — maybe even six weeks. No Sudoku, no Multiplication, no saying the names of colors out loud.So, I’m guessing by their lack of play that the game has gotten boring. (I don’t know what this does to their cognitive age — so far I haven’t seen a shift in thinking ability.)

Now, you might say it’s unfair to complain about the game. After all, some kids get bored with their toys and games. However, my girls still play with some of their leapster games: Baseball Math — for examples — has been very entertaining and educational. It’s really helped with their times tables. Another examples would be Leapster’s “Junie B’ Jones Beeswax Journal.” The girls still think its fun, and despite Ms. Jones’ butchered grammar, it has encouraged my children to read and write.

So — Brain Age was fun and educational, yes, but just for a few months. What about your family? Have they played any “mind-building” games. Did they work?