Cosmeo: Homework Help “Discovery Channel” Style

About two years ago, I was wandering through Costco and I happened upon a software program that seemed too good to resist. (Which means I probably should have resisted it.) The 8 disk set was called “Elementary School Success Deluxe.” It was a mere $30 and offered to help my kids with everything from Language Arts to Pre-Algebra. Well, long-story short, it was pretty darn lame. The graphics and the text were boring. The activities were repetitive and hardly educational.

The biggest disappointment was their Science Disk. I falsely assumed that the software program would touch base upon all the science topics one would expect in elementary school: planets, nature, the human body, weather, and so forth. Not so. The science portion was basic an expose on earthworms — and even that wasn’t as interesting as the stuff you read about on Wikipedia!

I learned the hardway not to expect a single computer program or website to provide all of the answers — or even to provide that much inspiration. However, I do have to give a “thumbs up” to Discovery Channel’s kid-friendly website:

Now, if your kids like programs seen on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and the History Channel — then they’ll definitely get a kick out of Cosmeo. On the one hand, they aren’t terribly different from other educational websites — however, they do have lots of video from their decades’ worth of top-quality documentaries.

The girls and I signed up for a free one-month trial.” We used it for two-months and absoultely loved it. Around month three, the girls moved on to other interests… Mainly they got old enough to start searching the web themselves (with an over-protective Dad at their side shielding them from all the icky stuff). But for most science-enthusiasts aged 6 to 10, I think Cosmeo would definitely be worth signing up, at least for a few months!