Paranoid About the Swine Flu?

It’s hard not to be paranoid about pandemics… especially when you watch the news.

Due to the recent medical emergencies,schools in Mexico have been closing, all in an effort to minimize the spread of the “Swine Virus.” Depending on what happens next, we might see a lot of public schools shut their doors throughout the United States.

I’m hoping the disease we be contained, and while I’m deeply saddened at the recent loss of life, I’m thankful to know that those who have contracted the virus in the United States have not died. Still, I have to admit, in times like these, I’m thankful to be a homeschool parent. Our children certainly are not secluded all day long. In fact, just today we went to a guitar lesson and Field & Track practice. Yet, I’m guessing they avoid a lot more chances to catch the flu and other bugs, unlike most public school children.

We’ve been using the recent events to remind our children about hygiene. We’ve been telling them how important it is to wash their hands, to avoid coughing / sneezing into the air, and to refrain from touching their face, eyes, nose, etc. But it hasn’t been all serious stuff today. We’ve also been watching YouTube videos of germs and viruses and other microscopic stuff, to see what makes those little critters tick. The girls and I love watching that science stuff!