Does Happiness Make You Fall Behind Schedule?

Sigh… I’ve had an interesting week — personally, it’s been a fantastic week — although I can’t say that it has been a productive week for me as a homeschool parent.

You see, normally my work-life is routine. Not to hectic compared to most folks, but busy. I’ve got papers to grade and classes to teach — not to mention my various writing projects. But despite all of that stress, I’ve always been committed to spending time (both playtime and academic time) with my children.

But last week everything got turned upside-down in a wonderful way. My picture book was accepted by a publishing house! I had been waiting for months and months, and the response finally arrived. Even better, it arrived on the same day I received an “excellent” evaluation from the dean of my college. Professionally speaking, last Thursday was the best day of my life!!!

Needless to say, the family and I celebrated. We had a fun, lesiruely weekend that segues into a fun, leisurely week. My wife, who is much more practical than I am (thank goodness) kept on track of her scheulde. The girls worked on their usual amount of math, music practice, and spelling exercises. But my projects? Science? History? We didn’t even touch them this week. We did some writing — because Daddy has been extolling the virtues of fiction — but for the most part: WE ARE WAY BEHIND!

On the one hand, it’s not too big of a deal. After all, Homeschoolers can learn at their own pace. Some don’t even bother to keep a schedule. ON the other hand, I’ve selected some projects and reading assignments that are important to me (and hopefully to them), and I’ll be disappointed if I don’t catch up during the month of May.

In the end, falling behind schedule has helped keep me grounded. When there are triumphs or set-backs in life, it’s nice to take a bit of time off to deal with whatever fate decrees — so long as we can get back on track and return to the learning process.