Journal Writing All Day and Night

Well, it’s 10:30 at night where I am. I tucked my kids into bed. My younger daughter fell fast asleep, but the ten-year-old had insomnia. I read to her — just a couple chapters of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid — Rodrick Rules.” Then, when she still couldn’t get to sleep she called downstairs: “Daddy, I can’t sleep. Can you bring me up a pad of paper and a pencil?”

Now, of course, since I LOVE to write, I am always thrilled when the girls adopt my favorite pastime. I am so pleased that they have developed a passion for filling up blank pages with their thoughts. This passion isn’t constant. Both girls go through phases where they would rather read or watch a movie. They have their moments when the idea of writing a paragraph feels more like punishment rather than a pleasure. However, most of the time, they look forward to writing — especially if they have their own journal.

That might be why those “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books are so darn popular. The books demonstrate how entertaining and humorous everyday life can be. (The amusing cartoons don’t hurt either.)

Being a bit old fashioned, I am also pleased that the girls value writing by hand. Perhaps penmanship books and hand-written correspondence on actual paper will become artifacts for the museums of the future. But for now, as much as I enjoy tinkering on the computer, I absolutely love to write my first drafts by hand. I carry a journal with me wherever I go. ONe never knows when the opportunity for literary genius might arrive. The girls have known about my love of journals since they were toddlers. And I’m glad to see that my affection for journal writing has rubbed off on them.

Just yesterday, we were at the Renaissance Fair, and instead of wanting to by a toy sword or a princess crown — both girls wanted to buy these cool little leather bound journals. I was happy to spoil them. I sure, in no time, they’ll be hooked on blogging or whatever weird stuff the future has in store. But for now, I’m delighted and flattered that they have adopted their daddy’s fondness for journal writing.