Fun with Google Earth

Lately, my kids and I have been addicted to Google Maps and Google Earth.

By now, if you have surfed around on the internet, you have probably looked at your neighborhood via satellite. When you stop to think about it, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it? You’re looking at a photo graph of your house that was taken from space.

Well, the girls and I got pretty bored of looking a satellite photo of our backyard. So we’ve been scouring the entire globe. Some of our favorite locations are:

The tropical isle of Kiribati

The Great Wall of China

The Sahara Desert — man that’s huge!

Recently, we discovered that in many U.S. cities you can use Google Maps to “jump in” to the specified location. So, we’ve been all over the streets of New York, Chicago, and Seattle. Some other nations feature this option. We’ve “virtually visited” London and Tokyo. (And hopefully they’ll be adding more cities soon. I want to “travel” to Dublin!)

And, if for some reason you get bored of the Planet Earth, then move onto the next step:

Google Mars!