Do You Slow Down During the Summer?

Yes, now that traditional summer break is just days away, I’m wondering what are homeschooling schedule will be like in the near future. When I ask our friends in the homeschool community, “Do you plan to slow down once summer begins,” a lot of moms laugh at me and say, “I plan to stop all together!”

There are a lot of exhuasted homeschooling parents out there who are looking forward to tossing their academic schedule out the window. They are ready to relax.

Others take a different approach. In our household, we have a pretty low-key schedule. Lately, the girls have been doing math on a daily basis. And they have a tight schedule for music and a healthy regimen of reading. But many of the other subjects, such as science, history, and writing happen sporadically. (This is probably because I’m in charge of these categories, rather than my ever-efficient wife.) Because we keep a loose schedule with these subjects, sometimes working on them only once a week — sometimes working on the subject all week long — I don’t see the need to change during summer. Through the months of June, July and August, I will still have projects for them to work on. I will still sit them in the living room and have them write stories or essays or poems. I will still — between my work schedule — squeeze in a few history lessons.

What about you? Will your family be changing their learning pace? (Right now some unschoolers are saying, “HA!” we let the learner set his/her own pace, no matter what the season!) But for the rest of you, what are your schooling plans over the summer?