Time to Organize, Purge, and Rediscover

We have way too much stuff at our house.  We’re not terribly materialistic.  (Living on a teacher’s salary, we can’t afford to be.)  The stuff that clutters our house isn’t high tech computers and gadgets. It’s not fancy sculptures our previous collectibles.

Instead, our shelves are deducated to the following:

  • Books
  • Educational toys
  • Art supplies
  • More books
  • Maps and charts
  • Science kits
  • Math tools
  • And did I say books?

Now, most of these educational supplies belong to our Charter School.  The institution has a small but impressive library.  Families are allowed to check out items for years at a time.  But there’s a downside to that availability, at least for us.  When we visit the library, our eyes are often beginning than our “educational appetite.”  Six months ago, we brought home a LOT of great stuff.  but we’ve only been through half of it — much of it has sadly gotten forgotten on the shelves.

But that all changed this week.  This week, my wife, the girls and I went through all of the shelves.  We removed material that we’ve already studied, completed, or simply grew tired of.  By the end of the day, we were exhausted, but we had reclaimed our space!  The shelves are organized again! (Who knows how long that will last, right?)

But something else happened while we purged the educational corners of our home.  The girls rediscovered dozens of books and games they had forgotten about.  Right away, they started reading “Bunnicula” (a book that’s been on the shelves for months) and playing with Math Board Games (that had been lurking undersneath some history maps). Now, even though we technically have less material right now, we’re starting off the summer with a clearer frame of mind (and a lot of great stuff that’s still waiting for us to read and experience!)