Design Your Own Board Game

My family and I love board games.  Today we played “Guess Who,” “Muppets Monopoly” and the anniversay edition of “Cranium.”  As much as we love our Pictionaries, Trivial Pursuits, and Chess boards, we sometimes hunger for something completely different.  And that’s when the girls and I get inventive.  We make up our own board game.  All it takes is some art supplies, some dice, and a bit of imagination.

Normally we we create our own board game, the girls select a theme and start deisgning the layout of the board.  They burn through a lot of scratch paper, and pretty soon we’re ready to move onto the proto-type stage.  Our garage always has a number of crad-board bozes, and this is usually what we use to make the board.  Since cardboard isn’t the best material to draw on, the girls use construction paper — they cut out images, paint, color or draw on the paper, and then apply the game board pieces to the board.

So far, we’ve created games such as:

The Pyramid Explorers

Restaurant Rush


Race Down the River

For the most part, the rules are pretty simple.  Get to the end of the board before your opponent.  But what I like are the game cards (similar to Monopoly’s Chance Cards) that the girls come up with.  (Some of them have been heavily inspired by the movie Jumanji.

Of course, some homeschool families have taken this pastime to a whole new level.  Several years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting the makers of “The Touch” Boardgame.  The creators of this game are a homeschool family who came up with a unique game that combines fun facts, tactile identification, and a ticking clock to increase the excitement level.

Has you ever deisgned your own board game?  Tell us about it!