Homeschool Printables

Normally, my kids and I use the internet to find interactive learning websites — often filled with games, flash animation,. doctumentary video, and all sorts of snazzy multi-media-driven information.

But sometimes it’s nice to be able to find a collection of simple printables — pdf files that contain useful educational items such as:

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Word searches
  • Fill in the blank quizzes
  • Maps and Charts

These are available all over the web, but it seems that the best one-stop-shop (that’s absolutely free) can be found at:

Every week, author Beverly Hernandez creates and publishes printable worksheets, ranging from a multitude of topics: reading, math, social studies.  She also offers lots of holiday themed printables; so whether your child loves Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day — there’s bound to be a worksheet that captures your little one’s interest.