The Extra-Curricular Challenge

We all want to raise Renaissance children, don’t we?  We hope our children we develop a love of mathematics, arts, music, literature and everything else under the sun.   Fortunately, homeschooling provides families the time and opportunity to explore endless eduactional avenues.

But with all of that academic freedom comes tough choices.  Your kid can’t do everything at once — now matter how much they would like to.

Case in point: My two girls.

As September approaches, we have been planning our fall schedule.  In additional to the usual stay-at-home school activities, the girls will sign up for a few extra-curricular activities.  But which ones do they want to select?

Our local homeschool co-op offers terrific classes in geography and forensics.  Our local community theater has a great drama program for homeschool kids.  And there are countless music instructors from which to choose.  But all of these classes cost money.  And we’re not made out of that green stuff.

So, how do we decide?  Well, we let our girls decide for the most part.  We discuss their options, try to give them a bit of clarity as to what they would like to try, or what programs they would like to continue.  But for the most part, we let the girls choose.  This is usually a fun selection process for them.  Such as when both girls decided to join the theatre class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They were thrilled to find out that their best friends will be taking the class too.  However, my ten-year old had trouble picking a second class.  She loves her forensic science class, but she also loves being p a part of chess club — and this year, they both take place at the same time.

So, she had a challenge in front of her.  Which extra-curriculuar activity should she pursue?  We told her to take her time… so she’s decided to sleep on it.  A good decision, I think.  Sleep always clears my head.  Speaking of which, it’s off to bed!