Spy Missions – Homeschool Style

Today, the kids and I are on a spy mission.  This one involves my two daughters as well as my nephew, who is visiting us for the summer.  First we had a healthy breakfast to give us energy.  Then we loaded up our Nerf Guns, and waited for a message from Headquarters.

Around 11am, I told the children our assignment.  We were to find a message at the recycling center and deliver an important package to headquarters via the Post Office.  We hopped in the mini-van and were on the look out for Spectre Agents — they always drive red cars.  Whenever we see a Spectre Agent we wave at the driver — that’s our way of staying undercover.  NO one expects a spy to give you a friendly wave.

Once we arrived at the recycling center, we began unloading the bottles — trying our best to look like your average non-secret-agent family.  One of the Tejava Tea Bottles contained a rolled up piece of paper.  We obtained the document.  It read:

Protect the Recipes: Whoppers, Sugar Babies, Red Vines. (All snacks that will come in handy for our upcoming movie night.)

We dropped off the package at the post office, and then dashed to the car.  We drove to the Dollar store and purchased water balloons and the necessary snacks (not exceeding the amount of money we earned from the recycling facility).  While we were in the store, a woman in a black dress walked toward the checkout stand.  I quietly told the children that she was a Spectre Agent, and we must avoid making eye contact otherwise she would hypnotize us, and we would be forced to wear a dopey grin while swaying to the store’s Muzac tunes.  Needless to say, I was hypotized twice and the children had to snap me out of it.

Now that we have returned home, the children are writing a list of the ingredients to the candy items.  Perhaps that will dissuade them from eating too much of the darn stuff!  Now we’re waiting for our next assignment — and in the process my nephew and my two girls are passing the time by playing chess.  Later on today, our mission will involve building a fortress out of free boxes from Costco.  And what else will be happening?  Who knows!

James Bond

The point of today is to have fun and use our imagination.  Along the way, the girls are spending their time reading, writing lists, getting lots of exercise, and playing logic games.

If you have a day that is part free time / part errands, I highly suggest you take your family on a spy mission.  It’s a great way to get a few things done and go on an adventure at the same time!