Whew – We’re back!

Where have we been?  Oh, just at home.  But for most of the summer we have been trying to remodel the house.  Everything went a bit haywire when we discovered a leaky pipe underneath a slab of concrete behind our closet.

What followed?  Home owners insurance (who were actually qite helpful), lots of estimates from plumbers, contractors who would repaint and remove tile (and subseuqently disappear), and then when contractors could only be so reliable, my wife and I went at it alone, and redid our downstairs floor. (Thanks Ikea!)

But enough about our boring home repairs.  How has the homescooling world been treating you lately?

Things have been great here.  The girls have returned to a routine: a little math each day, a lot of self-directed reading, and history, science, and writing once or twice a week (hopefully our productivity will increase now that the house is finally in order).

Hope all is well in your world.  I’ll be getting this blog back on track once again.  Thanks for reading!