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Roller Coaster Science

My girls and I visited Disneyland yesterday. Despite the fact that it’s the beginning of June, the park was not too crowded, and we went opn all of the ride we love.

My daughters have finally become daring enough that they now enjoy roller coasters. And since my ten-year-old has recently developed an interest in engineering, she has been asking questions about the physics of Roller Coasters. So, after going on “California Screamin'”, we talked about things like mass, gravity, inertia. But since I’m not a physics expert, I’ve turned to the internet to help learn more about Roller Coaster Science.

Here are a few great sites I’ve found so far:

Roller Coaster Simulation: A simple Java program with one purpose: to create a successful rollercoaster that doesn’t fly off the tracks.

How Stuff Works: Lots of details information on the science of thrill rides.

Absolute Science Podcast: And if you want an auditory explanation, these two science whizzes have a podcast episode that verbally explains the physics involved in roller coasters. They also give tips on the best seat for maximum fun!